Par Funding was built on the foundation of helping small businesses gain access to funding solutions necessary for day-to-day operations and growth. We offer honest, transparent financial options through an exceptional customer support platform.

Our impact continues to grow as business clients hire employees, boost productivity, and strengthen their local, regional, and national economies.

Investing in success

You’ve invested heavily in your business. From your time and personal financial resources, when cash reserves are low or you’re temporarily operating in the red, it can feel like a mountain to overcome.

We help you push aside the mountain to see the incredible view your successful business will bring. Take full advantage of every responsible opportunity you can, and that includes boosting your cash reserves, taking advantage of business opportunities when they’re presented, or even hiring new employees.

Step out in front of the competition … and then stay there.

A strong, dedicated, long-term team

Since we started, Par Funding has been growing. That only happens when you do things right day after day, year after year. We focus on the latest innovations and financial solutions that provide the best cost-effective options our business clients deserve.

Our growth, at a glance:

  • From $1m in ACH payments in 2013 to $1bn in 2018
  • Funded over 5000 businesses to date.
  • $600m in funding since 2013….and growing

Our assets and ability to help small business leaders continues to strengthen, and that means we can help more business owners. We’re not going anywhere, and when you need help today, we offer the opportunities you deserve.

Why we do this

We started out small. Many of our team members struggled with their own business endeavors. We know firsthand, from the inside, how overwhelming it can feel when you can’t find enough cash to move forward, cover the bills, or just get to the next ‘peak’ season in your industry.

Most businesses fail because of a lack of cash.

Too many business owners never even consider a cash advance because they’re maxed out on their personal credit, their credit score is in the tank just keeping this business afloat, and worry about one more rejection.

At Par Funding, we have worked tirelessly to find innovative ways to help our clients have the best chances at getting the financial resources they need. It’s about your future potential … not what’s happened in the past or your personal credit history.

It’s all about your business.

We value team culture

Our people love what they do and have a motivating environment to collaborate efficiently. Highly engaged and dynamic, our team embraces change, respects good old traditional values, and stays on the pulse of digitization. Par Funding is a happy place – and our employees will vouch for it!

We give it all we’ve got so you’re never short of cash. Most of our clients have an ongoing relationship with us and don’t hesitate to refer us. Anytime you’re ready for your cash advance, we’re here for you.



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